Midweek Message

Wednesday of Christmastide, December 28, 2022

Jim Hopkins

December 27, 2022


I am currently reading a very provocative book titled Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto by Tricia Hersey. The book jacket describes the book as follows, “Disrupt and push back against capitalism and white supremacy by connecting to the liberating power of rest, daydreaming and naps as a foundation for healing and justice. Tricia Hersey, the founder and creator of The Nap Ministry, encourages us to elevate rest as a form of resistance and divine human right.”

A quote from the book. Rest is for the weary, for the hard workers,  for those trying to make a way, for those making a way yet still suffering from disconnection, for those wondering when they will be able to get a full night’s sleep, for those thinking they aren’t worthy enough to sleep and don’t deserve rest because they have been socialized to believe this, for the faith workers and those out on the front line, to those raising children and trying to do what’s best, to the entrepreneur, to the unemployed, to the blue collar worker, to the white collar worker, to those brainwashed by a system that taught you aren’t enough unless you produce. Rest is for all of us. A global movement for all to be able to tap back into our divinity. Rest is our divine right. It is not a luxury or privilege.

I plan to incorporate a bit of what Hersey is saying into my sermon this Sunday. I hope you will join us for worship, song, prayer and communion on the first day of 2023. 

Until then, get some rest.

Pastor Jim

From Pastor Carolyn

The “Celebration of Life” service for Jonathan Matthews will be held on Saturday, January 7, 11:00 am at Cornerstone Community Church of God in Christ, 626 Drake Avenue, Marin City, CA. The repast will be held at the MLK School on 200 Phillips Drive in Marin City (within walking distance of the Church).
In lieu of flowers the family asks that donations be made to Better Africa Foundation in memory of Jonathan Matthews (he served for many years on its Board). Checks should be written to the Village Baptist Church, 3835 Cypress Dr, Petaluma, CA 94954. Please make sure to indicate Better Africa Foundation in the memo line. You may also donate online at www.villagebaptisthome.org. Under the tab “Giving” indicate it is for work in Africa.