Midweek Message

Easter Season – Wednesday, April 15

Allison Tanner

April 15, 2020

An Easter Prayer, as we continue to live into the season of resurrection.


God of Love, God of Life, God of Liberation, we celebrate your resurrection power.

Like those who came before us, we come in fear and awe – in great hope and lingering disbelief – with questions, with confusion, with joy and hope beyond hope.

We have heard the rumors and we dare to believe the promises – that despite all we have endured, all the difficulties and dashed hopes – all the heartache and separation – all the anxiety and loss and isolation – LOVE LIVES.

As Easter unfolds, we open ourselves to LOVE – we open our hearts to LOVE’s embrace – we open our minds to LOVE’s expansiveness – we open our eyes and ears to those who long for LOVE – we open our hands and feet to sharing LOVE with others – we open our lives to LOVE’s transforming power.

Because of your love, we have great hope; we have Easter hope. And it is this Easter hope we celebrate today that ….

In the midst of fear and anxiety…LOVE LIVES

In the midst of isolation and separation…LOVE LIVES

In the midst of economic uncertainty…LOVE LIVES

In the midst of injustice and inequality…LOVE LIVES

In the midst of suffering and pain…LOVE LIVES

In the midst of death and loss…LOVE LIVES

And because LOVE LIVES, we have great hope that we can reprioritize our lives to embrace and embody your love – we can reprioritize our communities to care for all our neighbors – we can reprioritize our society to provide food, shelter, heath care and a living wage for all its residents – we can reprioritize our country to focus on life-giving policies and let go of systems of destruction and death – we can reprioritize our world to heal the earth, unite the peoples, and live as if we are in this together.

Because LOVE LIVES, we can be an Easter people – proclaiming resurrection, serving one another, creating beloved community.

God of Love, God of Life, God of Liberation, we celebrate your resurrection power. Amen

Happy Easter to all,

Pastor Allison