Midweek Message

Vacation Bible Camp

Carolyn Matthews

July 23, 2020

Dear LABC Family:

As I write this we are one day away from the last day of Vacation Bible Camp. It has been very different this year because we were not able to meet together in the church building – and each of us that has been involved with VBC really missed being with the children and youth. However, we have been able to provide an online experience for our elementary age children. The bible stories, the songs, crafts, and stories of children living out the truths that were presented this week were all part of the virtual experience. Although the camp experience is recorded, we are providing an interactive online ZOOM meeting each day at 9:45 am.  Many of the 18 children registered, along with their families, are joining us each morning.

As part of the Vacation Bible Camp experience we ask the children to do “God sightings.” For me, this week, each morning seeing the children join in for the introductory meeting, watching the Lakeshore VBC team interact with the children, and hearing the reports of the children singing the songs and playing with the “gizmos” they make each day, is very much a “God sighting.” Each of us has learned that “Jesus’ Power Pulls Us Through” by helping us to do hard things, giving us hope, making us bold, promising us we will live with Him forever, and helps us to be good friends (Trust Jesus!).  In these times, the lessons for our children are also helpful to each of us as we move through these days.

A special thanks to the crew that helped to make this week a possibility. Please know that your work, your labor is of eternal consequence.

Pastor Carolyn