Midweek Message

Update, Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Jim Hopkins

January 25, 2022

Some good theology from The Reverend Dr. Jitsuo Morikawa, an American Baptist luminary.

And just as the political, economic and social health of the nation and world affect and touch each one of us individually, so we must be concerned with the large picture as well as the personal and individual picture. Don’t the national problems of inflation, high interest rates or lawlessness touch our personal lives? The personal, social, political and cosmic picture are all interrelated. Therefore, the Christian gospel is at once personal, social, political and cosmic. Jesus Christ is Lord of the person as well as property, Lord of the Church as well nation, Lord of business as well as worship, Lord of nature as well as history. (From “Language of the Dream,” a sermon delivered on August 16, 1981)

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