Midweek Message

Update, Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Jim Hopkins

November 8, 2021


This is the way the East Bay Times reported to the tragedy:

“A deadly rolling shoot-out through Oakland remained under investigation Sunday, a day after authorities say a toddler was hit by a stray bullet while his family drove through on Interstate 880 on their way to Fremont.

The California Highway Patrol continued to investigate the shooting, which happened about 2:15 p.m. Saturday when a single bullet struck Jasper Wu, killing him just a few weeks shy of his second birthday.”

Another heart-breaking tragedy. Another senseless act of violence. Another child dead. Another family left to grieve.

How long O Lord, how long?

These words, taken from a prayer by the great preacher, James Forbes, speak to me as I ponder the violence that holds our city in its grip and pray for all who are left to grieve its results.

“Surprise us with the discovery of how much power we have to make a difference in our day: A difference in the way citizens meet, greet, respect and protect the rights of each other…Strengthen us to face reality and to withstand the rigor of tough times in the anticipation of a bright side beyond the struggle. Inspire, empower and sustain us until we reach the mountaintop, and see that future for which our hearts yearn. This is our fervent and sincere prayer. Amen.

Pastor Jim

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