Midweek Message

Update, Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Jim Hopkins

November 22, 2021

Some quotes for the day –

“If you stole my car on Monday and you got saved on Tuesday and you don’t return my car on Wednesday, then you didn’t get saved on Tuesday.”
Rev. Dr. Kevin W. Cosby

In response to Pastor Jim’s “There Are Some Things I Wish I Didn’t Know” sermon of 11-21. “Thanks for the reminder that God does not require sanitizing. Instead, he is the source of cleaning and we need only bathe in his goodness to make this a better world for all its inhabitants.”
Dr. Harold Davis

“Grace is loving someone where they are as though they are where they need to be.” Chandra Godort Irvin

Prayers for all – volunteers, donors, planners and recipients – who will be part of the Hunger Task Force Thanksgiving Bag distribution today. Yesterday 35 hams were delivered to City Team Ministry in downtown Oakland.

Tonight on LABC Zoom – Bible Study with Pastor Jim, reading Galatians 3.