Midweek Message

Update, Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Jim Hopkins

March 1, 2021


We have been greatly concerned for the people of Burma(Myanmar), including the members of the SF Kachin Baptist Church and their families, since the February 1 coup when democratically elected members of the ruling party were deposed by the military.

Yesterday Pastor Naw San sent me this text and accompanying pictures:

Good morning Pastor Jim,
The regional association (Shan state Kachin Baptist Association) where my father served for over 20 years and most of my siblings were born and raised got raided last night. 3 ministers and 8 youth were taken. (Apparently there was a training session for youth being conducted.) No contact was allowed so far with them. Please keep them and people of Burma in your prayers.

I have spoken with Naw San and he is, of course, greatly concerned. Your prayers and shows of support will be greatly appreciated. I will be happy to supply his email.

Jim H.

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