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Update, Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Jim Hopkins

July 19, 2021

A note from Phillip Martin (received Sunday, July 18)
Happy Sunday Funday,

Sorry I did not get the results of yesterday’s blood drive to you sooner.
Yesterday was a grand day and we went from 9-10 units last time to 24 units this time!!
Proving what a great location, this is.

This is shared success, and I am grateful for the church.
By the blood we are saved and now we take that literally.
I would share this at church today, but I am off to another blood drive.

Phillip D Martin | Account Manager
Stanford Blood Center
3373 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304
650-387-1451 Cell
stanfordbloodcenter.org | Give blood for life!

In the wake of the violence that holds our communities in a deadly grasp this article offers an important understanding.

Sanctuary for All


Friday, July 23
5 PM Eastern

This workshop will be presented in English with Spanish interpretation.

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Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church renewed our identity as a Sanctuary Congregation in 2017. In so doing, we have been able to embrace Biblical commands to love the immigrant and welcome our neighbor in new and powerful ways, specifically through education, advocacy, accompaniment and supporting freedom campaigns. This workshop will share the work we’ve been doing, as well as ways for your congregation to engage in the work of sanctuary – work that is healing, restorative and profoundly needed.


IMG_6820 - Allison Tanner (1).JPG

Connect with Rev. Dr. Tanner

The Reverend Dr. Allison J. Tanner (she/her) is a pastor, educator and organizer working for justice and healing in her community. She currently serves in Oakland as the Pastor of Public Witness at Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church. She is also a faith leader for immigration justice with Interfaith movement for Human Integrity, a clergy leader for Palestinian justice with Friends of Sabeel North America, and a voice for intersectional justice as the Convener of the Bay Area World Without Walls Coalition.

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Thursday Evening on LABC Zoom – Together In Spirit 6:00