Midweek Message

Update, Thursday, April 29 (Easter Season)

Jim Hopkins

April 28, 2021

From Minister Sandra :

Our first event for Asian American Pacific Islander month will be a live conversation with Regina Boone, who spoke about her family background, and her search for what happened to her Japanese grandfather, who was taken from his African American family in 1941.

NHK, Japan’s version of PBS was informed of her search and asked if they could make a documentary about her search.

Please use one of the links below to watch the movie:



The Virginian Pilot also wrote an excellent article about Regina’s search.

Please watch and/or read the above so you are ready  to ask Regina questions this Sunday. All her time has been set aside for questions about her search. 

Thank you and see you Sunday on Zoom!

Tonight on LABC Zoom – Together in Spirit (studying the Gospel of John) 6:00