Midweek Message

Update, The 2nd Day of Christmas, December 26, 2020

Jim Hopkins

December 23, 2020

Hopkins Family Christmas Letter – 2020


Mason here. I am the family cat. Since I prefer to observe (some would say sit in judgement), rather than actively participate in, the comings and goings at 515 Westfield Way allow me to offer some observations from 2020.

January – Griffey the dog died. Sad. It’s not like we were close or anything but he was a very acceptable housemate.

February – Bubbles, Ethan’s dog is here a lot. Way too much energy.

March – All of a sudden, the humans are here ALL THE TIME.

April – The humans said it was Easter but I didn’t see anyone going to church.

May – So in April the humans got this new dog, Bleu. Observing. Taking notes.

June – Bubbles and Bleu are here as much as the humans. Thinking about filing a complaint.

July – The humans and Bleu took a trip to the Oregon coast to see the family that lives up there. I don’t recall being invited but I wouldn’t have gone anyway. Car trips = no fun. Strange houses = uncomfortable. Beaches = Uninteresting. Reunions = I’ll pass.

August – Rumor has it that the Oakland A’s had a good month.

September – Bubbles (and Ethan) moved to Pleasanton! Bubbles moved to Pleasanton! Bubbles moved to Pleasanton!

October – Humans and Bleu took a trip to the Mendocino Coast. See July observations.

November – The female human is pretty much recovered from foot surgery. I am happy for her but not overjoyed. It’s not like she is the one who feeds me.

December – The humans keep talking about the end of a tough year. I hope they don’t get all joyous and decide to dress Bleu (proving to be an acceptable housemate) and me in Christmas sweaters, reindeer costumes or angel wings.

Regardless, Merry Christmas to all. Wear your masks. Wash your hands. Go to Zoom Church or something. Leave me alone.

Mason, on behalf of the old dude (Jim), the nice woman (Karen) and the tolerable dog (Bleu).

Much Love to All,
Karen and Jim