Midweek Message

Update, Thanksgiving Day 2020

Jim Hopkins

November 25, 2020

A Blessing

Creator God,

On this day, designated for the celebration of America’s Thanksgiving, our Lakeshore Family acknowledges the glory and magnificence of the earth and its inhabitants.

In our praise and honor to You,

We are grateful to indigenous peoples for sharing their native land with us.
We are grateful for Your protection in these difficult times of pandemic health crises, economic distress, political dissention and absent social interactions.
We are grateful for Your provision, that ensures our basic needs for sustenance.

Enable us to generously share our talents, time and treasure in serving, caring for and giving comfort to others:

  • With kindness in our calling
  • With compassion in our doing
  • With love in our spirit
  • With joy in our soul
  • With peace in our heart

Loving God,

For your grace, mercy and countless blessings, we give You thanks.

Alean Saunders-Coffey

Happy Birthday to Tyron Mack. We are grateful for all you do and all you are!