Midweek Message

Update, Saturday, May 29

Jim Hopkins

May 28, 2021


One week from tomorrow, Sunday, June 6, is Hunger Walk Sunday. The Hunger Walk is one of our signature events, one of those efforts that makes Lakeshore …Lakeshore. The theme for the 39th edition of the walk is “Uniting in Love and Justice.” Walkers and pledgers are needed, valued and appreciated. There is still time to sign up for both. The link to the sponsor sheet is below.

The in-person walk will be leaving from in front of the church at 11:45. Walking on your own is also encouraged. Let’s do what we do best – care for the members of our community.

I hope to see you on June 6th and thank you for your joyous participation and your generous support!

Jim H.


From the LABC Re-Gathering Task Force

Bay Area Health Officers Support California Face Masking Guidance

ALAMEDA COUNTY, CA – The Association of Bay Area Health Officials, representing 12 Bay Area Health Officers and their Local Health Jurisdictions, strongly supports the California Department of Public Health’s strategy to continue with current masking guidance until June 15, when the State will align with the CDC’s updated masking guidance.

 The CDC’s updated masking guidance is grounded in evidence showing that

 vaccines are extremely effective in protecting vaccinated people from infection,

 severe illness, and death, and preventing them from spreading COVID-19 to

 others.   Additionally, increasing vaccination in our communities helps mitigate the spread of new variants that are more likely to infect those who are unvaccinated. This helps protect people who cannot yet get vaccinated, such as children younger than 12, as well as people who may not get full benefit from the vaccine, such as people with weakened immune systems.

This morning on LABC Zoom – LABC Reads at 9:00, A Time For Prayer at 10:00