Midweek Message

Update, Monday, May 24

Jim Hopkins

May 23, 2021

Monday Greetings,

This prayer by Pastor Allison represents our prayers for the world this week.

A Prayer for Palestine

God of Life and Love and Liberation
We pray for all who are living with death and devastation and destruction
We pray for Gaza and all the lives lost,
communities destroyed, and families living in fear
We pray for East Jerusalem, for those who endure settler attacks,
home evictions and constant humiliation
We pray for people of the West Bank, 48, Refugee Camps and the Diaspora,
all who are longing for freedom, justice and equality.
We pray for Israelis who are outraged by what is happening
at the hands of their government.
We pray for all who are working for a just peace in the land we call holy.
May your life-giving spirit blow through war-torn lands
and places of death to birth new life.

– Allison Tanner, pastor of public witness at congregational partner
Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church, Oakland, Calif.

Sign the petition to Stop Jerusalem Expulsions and Save Sheikh Jarrah

Tell President Biden and Vice President Harris to oppose violence and evictions

There are many good offerings on Zoom this week including a Justice Jam (Mass Migration) on Wednesday evening (registration required) http://bit.ly/LABCJusticeJam and our regular schedule schedule of studies and gatherings. Also, please sign up for the June 6 Hunger Walk.