Midweek Message

Update, Monday, January 30, 2022

Jim Hopkins

January 30, 2022


Some communication I received over the weekend –

From Doug Avilesbernal (Evergreen Baptist Association)

Greetings all,

I suppose many of you have already heard of Yosh Nacagawa’s passing. Still, I wanted to share with you all in case you hadn’t yet heard. He had been on hospice for only a week or so. He passed away at home.

There are no plans right now for a memorial service. I called his house and they have informed me that they will wait some time before they plan the service. It is very likely it will be outside when it does take place.

As of now it might be best to share your condolences with JBC and they can perhaps share them with Yosh’s family as they see fit. As you can imagine his family is now being flooded with messages from the hundreds if not thousands of people and organizations he touched, pushed, prodded and changed.

Please feel free to contact the church directly,


(Yosh was a spiritual giant in the life of the American Baptist Churches, the Evergreen Baptist Association and Japanese Baptist Church, Seattle.)

Rev. Douglas Avilesbernal, Executive Minister
Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches

From Reverend Valentine Royal


Its midnight (Sunday) here in more ways than time. My family has had two deaths in one day. Both nephews. Steven never really settled into hospice, passed in the last hour. Jeffrey lived alone is believed to have passed in the last 24 hours.

Please continue to keep us in prayer. We can’t find words or acts in this moment that can address this grief.

Thanks for yours and all of LABC’s support. I know the prayers have strengthened us.

Rev. V

From Dale Edmondson


Tomorrow (January 31) Alodia Corpuz will celebrate the 40th anniversary of her arriving in the United States (and simultaneously her arrival at the FBC of Oakland).


From Mary Karne

Hi Jim,

Thank you for the “Heaven” sermon! Many thoughts and ideas from deep thinkers!

But it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, attributed, I think, to St. Augustine, about Christianity being a stream “wherein the elephant may float, yet the lamb finds sure footing.”

With our St. Paul’s “semi-lockdown” I’ll probably be Zooming only to church for a while.



Thanks to Moderators Marie and Pam and all who contributed to a “heavenly” annual meeting. Again, please accept our apologies for not including George Lee in the 2021 memorial page. We will correct that omission in the permanent copy. Also, Renaldo LaChaux’s name is misspelled and will be corrected. Let me know if you would like me to email you a copy of either of the annual reports.