Midweek Message

Update, March 18, 2021

Jim Hopkins

March 17, 2021

LABC Events this Weekend

Saturday (Any time) Join in the “Walk For Burma” sponsored by the churches of the Evergreen Baptist Association. Take a 5k (more or less is fine) walk or jog and then make a contribution to LABC designated “Burma Relief.”

Saturday (1:00 pm) Forever Young and the LABC Grief and loss ministry gather for a time of teaching and discussion led by Lakeshore friend, Dr. Terri Brenneman. Terri is an experienced therapist as well as the wife of Dr. Jim Brenneman, President of the Berkeley School of Theology.

Sunday (2:00 pm) Forum – Dean LeAnn Flesher of the Berkeley School of Theology will lead us in a consideration of the legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. For an accessible introduction read “Who Was Ruth Bader Ginsburg?” by Patricia Demuth, illustrated by Jake Murray.

Pastor Jim’s sermon in Zoom Church (10:00 am Sunday) will be “Who Was Jezebel?” The sermon’s theme is – Holding office does not make a woman a Jezebel anymore than holding office makes a man an Ahab. Yet, throughout human history there have been Jezebels and Ahabs, politically and religiously powerful people, who have used their power to act ruthlessly while undermining faith, confiscating property and taking lives. Jesus spoke against them but his critique had nothing to do with race, ethnicity, gender or religion. It had to do with the misuse of power.

Together In Spirit meets tonight at 6:00 on LABC Zoom