Midweek Message

Update, March 14, 2021

Jim Hopkins

March 14, 2021


A collection of items to start the work week.

From Daniel Pryfogle -Conversations on Sacred/Civic Placemaking

A shift may be underway from congregations reaching out to grow their community to making community with neighbors for the flourishing of the neighborhood. What’s prompting this sacred/civic placemaking? What are its historical precedents and its prospects? Join Sympara cofounder Daniel Pryfogle and Yonat Shimron, national reporter and senior editor for Religion News Service, March 23 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. Eastern for the kickoff in Sympara’s new series, Conversations on Sacred/Civic Placemaking. Register today for the free Zoom event at https://www.sympara.org/conversations-sacred-civic.

From Dale Edmondson – Should there be any plan to mention/honor specific women during women’s history month, I submit the name of Ebi Kiminani, now sadly deceased. As the attached will show, she was a remarkable Kenyan woman. She related intimately with FBC, Berkeley during her PhD years. Her scientific work, her entrepreneurial provision for women in her homeland, and the influence of her personhood led her to be much revered in her eventual home and church in Canada. (Personal note: Alice and I had the privilege of guiding and conducting her wedding [to the son of a Canadian Baptist minister] and of spending time with her and her family in Kenya, during the sabbatical of her professor husband.) An intelligent, caring, non-pious but profoundly Christian person.

The Equality Act Update from Baptist News Global

Prayers for us all as the second year of the pandemic begins.

Pastor Jim

The LABC Youth Group gathers on Zoom tonight at 7:00

Prayers of appreciation for Pastor Carolyn who is taking a short vacation this week.