Midweek Message

Update, March 1, 2021

Jim Hopkins

February 28, 2021

From Vice-Moderator Marc Buffin’s welcome to worship yesterday

Here’s a quote from my favorite writer, James Baldwin, and I believe it ties into what we’re trying to accomplish with our Task Force on many different levels.

I wanted to share this quote with the congregation during my welcoming segment, and I thought it would be a good transition from recognizing Black History Month to discussing the Task Force. 

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.

James Baldwin

The following is what I would plan to focus on in describing our work:

Excited and honored to chair the  Re-Opening Task Force this year.  

We are approaching the one year anniversary of the Shelter In Place restrictions brought on by the pandemic, and we are finally, finally beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  

As you well know, we are not quite there yet and we don’t have a date on the calendar just yet, but we believe that it’s vitally important for the church to start preparing in every way imaginable and to have the necessary conversations about our plans.  Day one will come, hopefully sooner than later, and we just want to start planning ahead now and to start engaging in conversations with our church members now about our preparation.  

The Task Force had a very productive kickoff meeting this past week to get the ball rolling again.  I can assure you that our primary focus will be to keep our congregation safe, to keep our congregation informed and to follow the local safety guidelines as we prepare for the re-opening of in person services at Lakeshore.  This is a very important project and we need input from you as well, to get this right and to address your needs and concerns.  Please use this link and complete the survey on returning to in-person worship. We would love to have everyone participate and be heard as we develop our plans for re-opening.  

Here is the LABC Soul Food Recipe Collection! Thank you Sheila Sims and team.

To all the thank you’s for AAHM please add Paige Bence for the Sanctuary decorations.

The LABC Youth Group meets tonight at 7:00 on LABC Zoom.