Midweek Message

Update, June 5, 2021

Jim Hopkins

June 4, 2021


Tomorrow is Communion Sunday. Communion is an observance which symbolizes belonging – belonging to God and to each other. It is also Hunger Walk Sunday. The Hunger Walk is a tradition that emphasizes belonging – belonging to our community to with those who are fighting hard battles.

The creation stories in Genesis 1-3 are stories of belonging – belonging to a created order which is declared good and belonging to the story of the Creator’s unfolding love.

In chapter two, after Adam and Eve have been called into being, they are “one flesh.” They are partners. They understand that they belong to each other. In chapter three, as the humans face challenge, they hide from God and they pass blame instead of accepting responsibility. Their partnership is broken. They deny that they belong to each other.

It is a story that repeats itself in every generation. We humans are created for belonging, born for partnership. Yet, we put our energy into rejecting our calling. Rather than asking “how can we work together?” we focus instead on “what’s in it for me?” Our communities suffer. Our lives our diminished.

It is because of this painful truth that what we do on Sunday matters. In simple, yet beautiful, ways we portray partnership re-established, belonging restored. In familiar, accesible ways we confess that we need God and each other, that we aspire to be in healthy relationship to both community and the created order. Please join as you are able.

Pastor Jim

A Time For Prayer gathers on LABC Zoom this morning at 10:00.