Midweek Message

Update, June 17, 2021

Jim Hopkins

June 15, 2021


A few miscellaneous items as we look toward the weekend:

Sunday, Father’s Day, will be our first Bow-Tie Sunday. Everyone is invited to wear a bow tie to Zoom Church.

In my sermon, building on Mark 4: 35-41, I will reflect on the significance of Jesus staying in the boat with his disciples even when the storm threatened to capsize their little boat. I will note that his words to his frightened friends were not “There is nothing to be afraid of” but rather, “Why are you letting your fear control you?”

U.S. Representative Barbara Lee is supporting making Juneteenth a national holiday. A supportive call or email to the White House and to Senators Feinstein and Padilla would be helpful.

Thanks, as always, for your ongoing financial support of the many ministries of our congregation. We are in relatively good shape as we head into the summer.


Pastor Jim

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