Midweek Message

Update, July 3, 2021

Jim Hopkins

July 2, 2021

It Is Now or Never

Vigil of Solidarity
St. Elizabeth’s Church
July 2, 2021

Good evening my sisters and brothers. It is always good to gather with the faith community of Oakland. My name is Pastor Jim. I am the lead pastor at Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church and the Co-chair of the Board of Directors of Faith In Action East Bay.

It will soon be the Fourth of July, Independence Day. What a perfect time to stand with the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States and demand freedom from the fear of being detained, demand independence from the constant worry of being apprehended by ICE, demand a pathway to citizenship.

In the book of Genesis, the first humans, Adam and Eve, having eaten the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil hear God walking in the garden and they hide. Fear takes over. They decide they need to stay in the shadows. No longer can they enjoy the Garden. They feel they must hide. God speaks. “Why are you hiding? If you are hiding, something is wrong. If you are hiding, something is broken. If you are hiding, something needs to be repaired.”

So it is for our undocumented brothers and sisters. They are hiding. They are living in fear. They cannot fully enjoy the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution. Something is indeed broken. Something is indeed wrong. Something is indeed in need of repair.

That something is the law of the United States of America. The law needs to be changed. It needs to be repaired. It needs to provide a pathway to citizenship for the undocumented. The law must invite those who are in hiding to step out of the shadows and into the bright sun of freedom. Now or never!


Pastor Jim Hopkins
Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church, Oakland
Co-Chair, Board of Directors, Faith In Action East Bay

Today on LABC – A Time For Prayer led by Pastor Carolyn 10:00

Tomorrow will be the 68th Sunday of Zoom Church. Communion will be part of the service. We are preparing to return to in-person worship on July 11. That service will also be live-streamed on YouTube and will be Zoom accessible.

Sad News – Edie Parrott, long time member of OFBC and LABC died Thursday, July 1. Service plans are pending.