Midweek Message

Update, January 7, 2021

Jim Hopkins

January 6, 2021


Prayers this morning for:

Our nation in light of yesterday’s attacks on constitutional government.

Maya Hart and family – Her cousin’s son, a counselor with troubled youth was killed in Southern California

Rick McKillop and family – His mom has been hospitalized once again

Our elected leaders as the address the pandemic as both a public health and economic crisis.

Katrina Lau and family

The Lakeshore Children’s Center – Students, familes and staff

The incoming LABC officers, department and committee members

God of all,
May the turbulence that surrounds us not become turbulence in our heads or our hearts. Remind us that even when ominous shadows surround us, your spirit dwells within us and leads us always on the paths of the peace.

Together in Spirit meets this evening at 6:00