Midweek Message

Update, April 6, 2021 (Tuesday After Easter)

Jim Hopkins

April 5, 2021

Our Outreach Offering this month is the America for Christ Offering

Thanks to America for Christ (AFC) Offering contributions, American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) supported communities distressed by the devastation of COVID-19 last year, as the pandemic swept our country and Puerto Rico. We also helped families who lost homes to floods, wildfires and storms, along with children living on the edge because of poverty, and seminarians preparing to devote their lives to sharing the Good News. These are just a few of the ways we minister to those in need; there are many more.

Please help us continue to bring healing and hope to communities, families, children and Jesus’ disciples in 2021 by supporting this year’s America for Christ Offering.

No Soup, But Study (Tuesday 6:00 pm) and Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study (Wednesday 10:00 am) will be reading Ecclesiastes chapter 3 this week. This often quoted passage begins “To everything there is a season…”

In the Common English Bible – Study Bible,Brent A. Swanson writes of Ecclesiastes, “The book authorizes an edgy spirituality that makes room for doubt or skepticism (within limits) about various matters. The book shows that skepticism and intelligence don’t have to result in unbelief or be an excuse to opt out of a faithful life.”

Two of the major events that happen over the summer for Lakeshore members and friends are: Vacation Bible Camp and the All Church Family Retreat.  We are in the midst of planning for both events. It will be helpful to us if you respond to this short survey.

Vacation Bible Camp – July 12-16 – 8:30 – Noon

All Church Family Retreat – August 6-8 (Redwood Glen)

In each case we will be observing safety protocols – it is an important part of our planning and training.