Midweek Message

Update, April 5, 2021 (Monday after Easter)

Jim Hopkins

April 4, 2021


Prayers for each of you as we move from Easter Sunday into Easter Season. Try as we might, it is virtually impossible to hold on to the intense joy of Resurrection Sunday. Monday, with all of its challenges, dawns. Let us commit to walk in the way of Jesus, even if that way seems more difficult on Monday that it did on Sunday. Perhaps this prayer of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (yesterday was the fifty-third anniversary of his assasination) is what we need as we face a week full decisions, large and small. “Good grant that you will choose your good self thereby mastering your evil self.”

Pastor Jim

Two of the major events that happen over the summer for Lakeshore members and friends are: Vacation Bible Camp and the All Church Family Retreat.  We are in the midst of planning for both events. It will be helpful to us if you respond to this short survey.

Vacation Bible Camp – July 12-16 – 8:30 – Noon

All Church Family Retreat – August 6-8 (Redwood Glen)

In each case we will be observing safety protocols – it is an important part of our planning and training.


Tonight on LABC Zoom – LABC Youth Group, 7:00