Midweek Message

Update, Saturday, April 24 (Easter Season)

Jim Hopkins

April 23, 2021


Happy Saturday to you all. I trust that you will be able to join us for Zoom Church tomorrow. Simply to see your name, or even your telephone number, on the screen is a grace.

My sermon tomorrow will be “Reading From My Mother’s Bible.”

Last Sunday I spoke about the imperative of reading the Bible in new ways. This week, using some handwritten notes in my mother’s Bible as a guide, I will talk about the value of reading the Bible in some old ways, particularly as a source of comfort in hard times, as a trusted friend teaching us that mercy and goodness are our traveling companions.

Towards the end of my sermon I plan to use this quote from the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series of mysteries by Louise Penny:

“There are four things that lead to wisdom. You ready for them?’
She nodded, wondering when the police work would begin. “They are four sentences we learn to say, and mean.” Gamache held up his hand as a fist and raised a finger with each point. “I don’t know. I need help. I’m sorry. I was wrong’.”

Pastor Jim

This morning on LABC Zoom – LABC Reads (discussing This Gentle Land) 9:00, A Time For Prayer 10:00, VBC Training 11:00