Midweek Message

Tuesday Update, March 31

Jim Hopkins

March 30, 2020


One of the things that is keeping many of us busy these days is learning to use technology in new ways. For the entire history of humanity technology has been both a blessing and a curse. That is certainly true today. Technology can keep us connected and it can drive us to distraction.

What is true for humanity in general is true for the LABC community. It is wonderful to gather with you via Zoom. Yet, Zoom, like its users. is imperfect. Since we are likely to be Zoom reliant for at least a few more Sundays please be assured that your staff, especially yours truly, is working on sharpening our skills and learning to use the platform most effectively. One thing that we have not yet discovered is a way to make Zoom friendly to instrumental music. I know our musicians are frustrated by this. One alternative is to record some short services in the sanctuary and make them available on the church website. We are going to do a test of this on Wednesday. More to come in this regard. My primary concern and commitment is to make our virtual presence as accessible and easy to use as possible.

In the meantime we have virtual services, studies and gatherings six days a week. It is always good to have you join us even if we only see your name or telephone number. The access information is below. No Soup and Study is tonight at 6:30 and Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study is tomorrow morning at 10:30

Also, please forward this message and urge people you are in touch with to sign up to receive these daily updates by signing up for the Midweek Message on the homepage of the church website, www.labcoakland.org

Jim H.

A Word

In the chapter eight of the book of Nehemiah the priest Ezra, the leader of the people living in exile in Babylon, addressed the community saying that the time had come for them to begin the long march home to Jerusalem. He acknowledged that the journey would be difficult and that there were great challenges ahead. Yet, he told them, the God whom we worship and serve has seen our people through many difficult times before. Remember, he said, that when our ancestors wandered in the wilderness for forty years “their clothes did not wear out and their feet did not swell.”

I call your attention to this account for though the coronavirus pandemic my be new to us, seeing the people through hard times is nothing new to God.