Midweek Message

Tuesday Update, March 17

Jim Hopkins

March 17, 2020

The Bay Area is in the first day of a mandatory “shelter in place order.” We all will be trying to figure out what this means so let’s be patient and cautious. From the church perspective it means:

  • The best way for most of us to love our neighbors is to stay at home
  • We will be reliant on phone calls,  emails and Zoom meetings to connect, learn and worship
  • We need to pay particular attention to the needs of our elders, those who have pre-existing health conditions and those that might need some form of assistance

We will begin calling everyone to check in and we have heard from a good number of families who are ready to help deliver groceries, make a trip to the store for others, etc. . If you want to contact someone at the church the best way is to send an email as there won’t be anyone answering the phone at the office.


Jim H.


Bible Studies, Meetings, Opportunities to Connect

If you are new to Zoom please sign on 15 minutes before the meeting. Pastor Tanner will provide a tutorial to using the platform to those who sign-in early tonight.

Soup and Study and Church Council
Time: Mar 17, 2020 06:30 PM Pacific Time

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Wednesday Morning Prayer and Bible Study
Time: Mar 18, 2020 10:30 AM Pacific Time

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Meeting ID: 859 909 5914

Prayers: Doris Evans as she mourns the death of her daughter, Charlotte; Mary Sue Meads for her brothers, Phil and Bob and for Helen; Wayne Zedd and family

A Word (From Jesus Portillo) Please forgive us our PANlC. The present Is filled with fright and fears, and the future is uncertain and scarier. Yet not only is this the time we need your love and comfort, God, it is the time we need to share these gifts with love and compassion for our members, neighbors and our world.

There are many ways we can send loving messages and help. One way is for those who are able to send in a little extra money for the Fellowship Fund when you mail in your pledges. Lakeshore still has expenses to meet and the need for a healthy church couldn’t be stronger. The same goes for the Fellowship Fund. In times of trouble and disaster we turn to our church. I know the need for the Fellowship Fund is great right now. Pastor Jim and other ministers in the church must be flooded with requests for prayers, food and a financial need. Of course the fund can not help everyone, but a little extra money from us will help a few more. And, again if you are able please give to the food banks.

And it’s not just helping with the Fellowship Fund. It’s also helping with your heart. There are church members and friends you know who are hunkered down at home. A friendly phone call to those who are alone can be a great comfort. Let’s let people know we care.

This is how we ask for forgiveness. This is how we share God’s love.


The ministries of our church are many. They seek to address the spiritual, mental and physical needs of the people of our community.

Some of our ministries are led only by LABC staff and members and some involve partnerships with other trusted organizations. All are dependent on the financial support of our members and friends. Thus, I thank you for considering a contribution to our work. Your gift will help us embody the love of Jesus the Christ in ways that matter in the lives of others.