Midweek Message

Tuesday, September 8

Jim Hopkins

September 7, 2020


In response to our consideration of the story of of Lot, his daughters, the heavenly visitors and the townsmen of Sodom on Sunday Dean LeAnn Flesher of Berkeley School of Theology sent this insightful note – Helpful thought: when dealing with Lot’s daughters being offered-frequently a stumbling for females–Lot too was a victim of his culture-believing that offering his daughters was the more acceptable option (this emphasizes how abhorrent the demands of the men at the door is -even more abhorrent than offering the daughters) but God, via the angels, was having none of it. All were delivered from the evil intentions of the men at the door. This provides a salvific message for EVERYONE 🙂

I found this reflection from Ten Minutes With Torah on facing mortality to be meaningful – https://reformjudaism.org/learning/torah-study/torah-commentary/facing-mortality-and-choosing-life?utm_source=TMT-Monday&utm_campaign=Feature&utm_medium=email&utm_content=2020_9_7

Please join us for Bible Study tonight at 6:00, Wednesday morning at 10:30, Thursday night at 6:00 of Saturday morning at 10:00.

Coming in October – https://www.ea-abc.org/annual-meeting-2020.html

Prayers for Dave and Jo Robinson and family. Dave’s mom (who lived in Rochester, NY) passed away this morning. Dave’s dad and sisters live in Rochester.