Midweek Message

Tuesday, September 1

Jim Hopkins

August 31, 2020

From Chris Schelin’s Sermon “Save Us From Admiration”

No one should mistake black forgiveness, whenever and if ever it is offered, for complacency with racial injustice. No one should assume that a public act of mercy on the part of one black person eclipses the demands for change from an entire community.

Black forgiveness is costly. It requires us to absorb wrongdoing even as we continue to work for justice. Black forgiveness becomes cheapened when we take it for granted.

Black forgiveness is admirable when it is freely given and not demanded or expected. And the best response to black forgiveness is to prevent the harm that makes it necessary in the first place.

Jemar Tisby

Pride Sunday – September 6, 2020 (From Chuck Johnston)

Pandemic or no pandemic, we are going to celebrate our Pride this year at Lakeshore! On Sunday, September 6, we will hold a special Zoom Forum at 8:45 followed by Zoom Worship at 10 a.m.

Our guest speaker for the Forum will be Rev. June Joplin who began serving in church ministry over twenty years ago, at nineteen years of age! She has served congregations in North Carolina and Virginia, and most recently worked as Lead Pastor of Lorne Park Baptist Church in suburban Toronto. She holds degrees from Appalachian State University and the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond.

A long-time advocate for greater LGBTQ+ acceptance in faith communities, June has been acclaimed as a stirring preacher and graceful leader. Her sermon “At Last…Your Truth,” a message in which she came out as a transgender woman, made headlines and sparked international conversation about inclusivity in churches. It will be our privilege to talk with June and learn about her experiences before, during and after she revealed her truth.

June has invited us to send our questions to her in advance so she will be prepared to meet and discuss the things we want to know. Please email your questions to Chuck Johnston (chuckj0454@gmail.com) to be passed along to June.
June will also bring greetings during Zoom Church which will start at 10. We are planning a service of great inspiration and song!

Abolition and Liberation – A Conversation with Angela Davis and Jamal Juma’

For anyone who missed last Friday’s powerful webinar, there will be a Lakeshore viewing of the recording this Wednesday, September 2, at 7:30 (use the standard Lakeshore zoom info).

Thanks to those who made phone calls on behalf of Tien Pham and Patricia Waller. I am sad to report that they were both transferred to ICE detention centers this morning. Please pray for them and their families, who had hoped to be reunited.

Pastor Allison