Midweek Message

Tuesday, June 16

Jim Hopkins

June 15, 2020


Two Supreme Court of the United States decisions announced yesterday, protecting gay, lesbian and transgender workers from employment discrimination as well as a decision not not to review a lower court opinion upholding the right of local governments not to help federal agents enforce immigration laws are in keeping with the high call of justice. However, there are more court rulings to be announced in the coming days, including one pertaining to DACA (the Dream Act,) that may not be so pleasing. We continue in prayer.

The shooting of Rayshard Brooks by the Atlanta police seems to be yet another example of the racialized use of deadly force by law enforcement. How does an interaction regarding falling asleep at a Wendy’s drive thru become a death sentence? We live in a time in which skill in, and commitment to, the work of de-escalation is needed in many quarters. We continue in prayer.

The artwork below is a reminder that there many intersections in the month of June. As The Reverend Dr. Marvin McMickle teaches, “We are all shaped by the courage of our fellow human beings at Selma, Stonewall and Seneca Falls.” We continue in prayer.


Jim H.

Please join us for Bible Study tonight at 6:00. We are reading Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians.

From Marie J.

Hi All,

We are moving Mom’s things out of St.Paul’s next Wednesday. She had a chair where the seat electronically lifted up to help her stand up. We’ve checked with St. Paul’s and no one there is in need of such a chair at this time. 

We are wondering if there might be a member of the congregation who could use this kind of chair. They cost about $2,000. It is in very good condition. It has dark red upholstery. I think it may also recline.

Within reason (in general, the Oakland area, though further if it isn’t too far), Helen and Christopher are willing to drop it off somewhere…