Midweek Message

Tuesday Evening Bible Study Resumes This Evening (8-22-23)

Jim Hopkins

August 21, 2023


Tuesday greetings.  We had another good weekend at LABC. On Friday evening we honored Rae Rita Thompson on her retirement after 22 years as the Director of Lakeshore Children’s Center. It was a magnificent party!


It takes a big heart to help shape little minds. Teaching is the greatest act of optimism. Colleen Wilcox


As part of worship on Sunday sang “My Stories,” a beautiful piece he composed

“My Stories” is based on Luke 9:62. This interpretation is about how living in the past can get us out of alignment with our Father.

Written in Tin Pan Alley form of A A B A rather than Chorus Verse Chorus Verse of today’s songs. This form was popular in the first half of the 20th century. The biggest difference between Tin Pan Alley and today’s form is there is no repeating of lyrics. Creates a framework for a different type of storytelling. 

My Stories 


Here it comes I thought so  

just to make it mine.

Bright colors, trumpets blaring

all standing in a line.

I take my place of honor.

Everyone agrees

with all of my stories.



Now I’m vindicated

by all of our decrees.

Can’t help but be persuaded,

so easy to see.

Just look at all my reasons,

what they add up to be.

All of my stories.



Suddenly I recognize

the bell that I still ring

with hope of resolution

but can never change a thing.

There are no trumpets blaring,

allegiance or a line

living in the ashes

of things that had their time.



Father please take this from me

I’ve no need for yesterday.

I want this presence

and what’s for me today.

No making dire catastrophes

from some exhausted history.

Goodbye my stories.


Prayers for each of us in the days ahead.

Pastor Jim



Tonight on LABC Zoom – Pastor Jim leads Bible Study 6:00, Church Council meets at 7:05

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P.S. Please contact Chuck Johnston or me if you can provide lodging on Sunday evening, September 3, for our Pride Sunday, preacher, The Reverend Dr. Curtis Price, Pastor of FBC Salt Lake City.