Christian Education

Timeless Lessons

Carolyn Matthews

July 2, 2021

God knows you; God hears you; God comforts you; God forgives you; God chooses you. These are the bible points for this year’s Vacation Bible Camp. The theme is: “Treasured: You’re Priceless to God.”  The theme and the bible points have been a big part of my everyday existence for the past few weeks. This last week, while working on and doing the recordings for our online presentation, they have become ingrained in my thoughts.

One of the ideas suggested was that perhaps we should think of people as God does according to the theme – “priceless;” and especially in regard to the bible points. When we say God knows us, it means there is nothing about us that is hidden from God – the good and the times we fall short. The bible story for that day is about David being chosen as the future king of Israel. David is called a “man after God’s own heart,” and David was not perfect!  Being known to the extent that God know us can be intimidating. Our ease in this knowledge is that God loves us. So no matter our state, He hears us. All the good we receive from God is for our benefit yes, but also for the good of others. II Corinthians 1:4, “He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others,” informs us that the good, the comfort we receive from God, we then are able to extend to others. God forgives us so we should forgive others, and as in the case of Esther, whose life experiences put her in a position to help her people, so too our life experiences may benefit others.

It is not just about what God gives to us, but also how we can help one another. As in past years, Vacation Bible Camp is a learning experience for all who are involved. Our online experience begins on July 12. The link to the recorded sessions will go out each day to those who have registered. The recordings will be available for four weeks after they are posted so they can be viewed at any time within that time period.

As we move toward regathering for Sunday worship, many meetings, including worship will continue to be accessible online. Also, the schedule for summer is different, so be sure to check the Transmitter and the daily updates for meeting times.

Upcoming Meetings

Saturday, July 3
10:00 AM – Time for Prayer (Psalm 67)

Sunday, July 4
10:00 AM – Worship (Communion)
11:45 AM – Adult Bible Study

Thursday, July 8
6:00 PM – Together in Spirit (bible study, gospel of John)

Coming in August: All Church Retreat at Redwood Glen, August 6-8.