Midweek Message

Thursday Update, March 26

Jim Hopkins

March 25, 2020


Here are some links to some resources that you might find interesting and helpful.

This is an interview that I did last Friday with Mitch and Autumn from Good Faith Media:

Respecting Religion is a podcast series with CEO Amanda Tyler and Lead Attorney Holly Holman of the Baptist Joint Committee For Religious Liberty

Some Good Thoughts from colleague Carl Gregg

A Call to Action From our Regional Minister:

This is an open letter to the President on behalf of those who are affected by his Giving the virus an ethnic identity.


Of course each of us decides how to proceed but I am glad one of our own pointed me to this letter as I believe it speaks in a Christian way and speaks truth to power.

Rev. Douglas Avilesbernal, Executive Minister
Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches

And a moving litany:
A litany for a time of unknown surrounding coronavirus

Written by the Rev. Florence Li,
National Coordinator for Asian Ministries,
Intercultural Ministries
American Baptist Home Mission Societies

Leader: O living God, we are disturbed by the spread of coronavirus and the many lives that have been lost and disrupted by it. We are in sorrow and disbelief regarding the lives that are being threatened due to its spread.
People: O living God, we pray for the loved ones of those who have lost their lives. We pray for those who are in recovery. We pray for the medical staffs who tend to them.
Leader: O living God, we acknowledge our lack of understanding of this disease, and the fear of frailty in human life. We lament blaming others for the cause of this disease.
People: O living God, help us to understand the majestic power of your creation. Forgive us if we have wrongly accused others of bringing forth this disease.
Leader: O living God, open our eyes that we may see your glory through the suffering, the healing, the recovery and the renewing.
People: O living God, hold us in truth as we practice loving our neighbors as we love ourselves, rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.
Unison: O living God, instill in us clean hearts. Guide us as we live through this period of fear, so that we are spreading “faith” instead of spreading this “virus.”

Consider the following prayer to be used with the litany or as an alternative:

O Merciful God, in a time of unknowingness, fear and lack of knowledge regarding the origins of coronavirus, we come to you with open arms, welcoming people from all other places, acknowledging our human frailty and our need for your healing power.
O God, we pray for the loss of life, for those who care for the sick and ask for recovery to those in need of healing.
We pray for the cure of this disease and restoration of health.
We praise you, O God, in time of trouble and confusion; you have reminded us that you are our loving God and Savior.
Help us to spread Christian faith as we seek your truth and love each day. We pray in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.


Jim H.

Today’s Zoom Gathering – Together in Spirit, 6:00 p.m., led by Pastor Carolyn