Midweek Message

Thursday Update, April 2

Jim Hopkins

April 1, 2020


As we look toward Palm Sunday I have two requests of you:
1. Please communicate your prayer requests (either by email or by phone) to Pastor Tanner by Saturday at noon. She plans to use your prayers as part of her reflection on the Upper Room in our Sunday worship. Allison’s office email is allison@labcoakland.org
2. Sunday is also Communion Sunday so please prepare to have some bread and grape juice (or wine) with you as you sit in front of your computer.

Pastor Jim

A Prayer For Today

O God, who gave us life and who loves us, let the glory of your love be felt by all. Bring grace and justice in your kingdom and to all people. Convince us that you alone are God and your will is the best we could want. Provide for us all that we need to enjoy this day. Forgive us our desire to turn away from you. Forgive us the pain we cause others and give us the strength to forgive those who cause us pain. Help us to look to you, when the selfishness and pride of our spirits beg us to look away. You are the meaning of Love and Life and have made us new people today. Thank you. Amen. (Russell Rathbun)

Prayers of the Congregation

Sharon Gordon as she mourns the death of her husband, Louis; Tyrone and Latrice Mack as they mourn the death of Latrice’s mother; Lola Afoloyan as she mourns the death of her former husband, Julius; Jewelle Gibbs as she mourns the death of her long time friend, Barbara; Wally Bryen, Sydney Webster, Charlotte Myers and all chaplains and health care workers; All the caregivers of LABC; Katrina Lau for her family; Mary Karne for her family; Michael Simpson; Alean Saunder-Coffey for her family; All the students and teachers of LABC;  The teachers, students and families of the Lakeshore Children’s Center; Pastor Naw San and the congregation of the San Francisco Kachin Baptist Church; the incarcerated; all who work for immigrant justice and those they represent; Pastor Dave Robinson and the congregation of Grace Baptist Church, San Jose