Public Witness

Three Magic Queens

Allison Tanner

January 6, 2022

The season of Christmas has ended – all 12 days of it. Epiphany is here, inviting us to remember the Wise Ones who brought gifts to Jesus.

I share with you today this imaginative rendition of a sacred visit to honor the Christ child – which gives us insights into how we can engage in Public Witness in the year ahead.

Happy New Year!

Pastor Allison

THE THREE MAGIC QUEENS by Florentino Ulibarri

And even though the chronicles don’t say it,

*Wise women also came*

from the four cardinal points.

The fire burns in her bosom

long before I saw the star in the sky.

They walked in the dark trusting themselves

that the earth would be illuminated every night

with the light of the most human lanterns.

Wise women have arrived

freely and on your own authority,

without hiding and defying customs,

without asking permission from any king,

following your intuition and dreams

your longing and the rhythm of your heart,

singing songs of hope

and paving the way to dignity.

They arrived quietly, with pointers,

no noise, no paraphernalia,

without provoking altercations or fear,

smiling at all the pilgrims

They came in a countercultural form,

they had no other remedy.

No one raised an act with their names,

but they left an indelible memory.

They arrived and brought useful gifts:

water that cleanses, fire that illuminates,

bread of the earth and milk of its breasts.

They arrived with blankets to wrap,

dried fruits to share,

oils for healing and anointing

And tender nannas in their throats

to cheer up and sleep the one who was to be born.

They helped Mary to give birth,

and when I moaned with labor pains

they whispered the blessings of his people.

They stayed in Belen many moons,

and they found a decent place for the family.

And they taught others their art and craft,

with patience, tenderness and tenderness

until a network of solidarity emerged.

Wise women have arrived

And they lifted up their voice, their arms,

your wisdom, your body, your spirit

against the killing of innocents.

And they went another way,

just like they always do,

without paying attention to the triumphant chants,

to protect the weakest children.

They went to their land.

But they come back again and again in this time

and in all the important moments,

loads of presents lol xo

Life, songs and patience

They say it is their job and office;

But no, they are our sacrament

and our magical awake dreams.

Dressed up without catching attention

They are there, on the edge of the road,

in the crosses and duels of life,

in the oasis and in the deserts,

in the limit of our time,

in the refugee camps,

on the verge of consciousness,

providing us what we need most.

Give us eyes to see them now,

before they go another way,

and be only a shadow to us.

Let us feel the aroma of your presence,

the smile on his face, the milk of his breasts,

the warmth of your spirit and your lap

and all the tenderness of their living hearts.

Let us embrace them so we don’t forget them.

Wise women always arrive,

timely and solemnly,

To Belen and the reverse of history,

And they are the best kings’ magicians

from the unwritten evangelical chronicles.

(Thanks to Rev. Dr. Doris García Rivera, for sharing this with me!)