This Wednesday at LABC

Jim Hopkins

May 13, 2019

Our own Jo Robinson and Sammy Singh will be keynote speakers. Other LABC members will be sharing their stories. Please join with us as we consider a reality that touches almost every household.

Pastor Jim

Prayers from Sunday morning – Tina Dright (recuperating from surgery); Carol Travis (health); Myles, one of our LCC students (health); Michael Sumrall as he mourns his father; All who are traveling; Kay Baxter for Jamie; Roy Browner (health); Margaret Oladoja: Roxanne Jones for her family; Thanksgiving for the good work of our retreat planning team; Thanksgiving for our Hunger Task Force and our community partners like City Team; Thanksgiving for all who plan and lead worship at LABC; Thanksgiving for the good work of our Personnel and Pastoral Relations Committees; Thanksgiving with Cecil White on the birth of his great-grandson; Charlene Wolf for Patty as she mourns her mother; Peggy Rogers-Tamayo for her family; All our students, teachers and school employees as the semester draws to a close