This Sunday at Lakeshore

Third Sunday of Advent Worship – December 12, 2021

Jim Hopkins

December 10, 2021

Please join us in worship (In-person, YouTube, Zoom) this Sunday as we light the Candle of Joy, enjoy the music of the LABC Band and consider the words of John the Baptist found in Luke 3: 7-18 to the crowd that had come to the wilderness to hear him preach. The question they asked him was “how are we to live out what you are teaching us?”

The will be a Leadership Orientation/Training led by Pastor Carolyn (In-person, Zoom) for 2022 LABC officers and department/committee members beginning fifteen minutes after the close of worship. Moderator Marie will provide a thank you lunch for those attending. Bible Study will follow (In-person, Zoom) the training.


Our annual Blue Christmas Service will be held next Sunday at 11:45