Public Witness

The Work of Liberation

Allison Tanner

April 28, 2023

Dear Lakeshore,

I bring you greetings from the Alliance of Baptist’s community. We gathered in Atlanta last weekend to explore the theme “To Set the Captives Free.” I was able to share the work we have been doing to release the captives from immigration detention and closing down detention centers. The larger community was quite impressed with how we are incarnating this work! We also discussed the abolition movement in this country, from abolition of slavery to racist policing to mass incarceration to Abolish ICE. It was a rich time of connection, reflection, and conversations about what it means to serve the God of Liberation and Love.

Yesterday, representatives of the Sanctuary Working Group and I were able to witness another manifestation of liberation. You may remember Salesh Prasad, who’s story we learned about last November during our Pardon Campaign series. Sal also worshiped with us in January and led a Forum sharing his testimony. I’m thrilled to report that at Sal’s hearing yesterday, he was granted permission to stay in the United States without fear of deportation! The judge agreed that there was significant threat to Sal’s life should he be deported, so he can safely remain in the US. Of course, this decision can be changed should the situation in Fiji change, and it does not permit him a pathway to citizenship, so we are still pursuing his pardon. The good news, though, is that for now, deportation if off the table! Below is a photo of Sal the day he was released from detention. May he, and we, continue to walk the journey toward liberation.

Next Tuesday I leave for my delegation to Palestine/Israel to bear witness to the apartheid conditions people are enduring. I covet your prayers as I represent both Lakeshore and the Alliance of Baptists.

Onward together,

Pastor Allison

Sal upon release from detention, “This is what freedom looks like!”