Public Witness

Support Pardon Campaigns – Support Immigrant Justice

Allison Tanner

November 6, 2022

Dear Family,

If you were in worship yesterday you heard about the Sanctuary Working Group’s support of Pardon Campaigns for immigrants seeking freedom from detention and deportation, longing to return to, or remain with, their families and communities. Because immigration laws are so punitive, a Governor’s Pardon is often the only legal recourse immigrants have to challenge deportation orders.

Alice Butler shared about Marisela Andrade, an immigrant in ICE detention who has endured domestic abuse and sex trafficking, who is seeking freedom from detention and prevention of deportation where her life would again be in danger. If you haven’t done so already, please read Marisela’s story and sign her petition for pardon at:

During the Forum, Sithy Bin joined us to share his story of redemption and transformation from being involved in gang violence to becoming a devote Christian to living his faith as a community leader. If you missed the Forum, you can watch the recording here. In support of Sithy, please send a letter to Gov. Newsom (identify the correspondence as clemency – pardon), through this link:

Thank you for joining with Lakeshore’s Sanctuary Working Group in supporting pardon campaigns for our immigrant community members.


Pastor Allison and the Sanctuary Working Group