This Sunday at Lakeshore

Sunday Worship – October 18

Jim Hopkins

October 16, 2020

“Because Christ has grabbed hold of me for just this purpose.”

Paul, Philippians 3:12b

Welcome – Ally

Prelude – Stan

Lord’s Prayer – Ally

Hymn – “Blessed Assurance”

Children’s Time – Carolyn

Anthem – “The Risen Christ”

Old Testament Reading – Psalm 105: 1-9 Sandra

New Testament Reading – Philippians 3:12-16 Jim

Sermon – “On Not Declaring Victory Too Soon”

Hymn – “My Shepherd, You Supply Me Need.”

World Mission Offering Video

Pastoral Prayer –Jim


Farewell – Sandra

Closing Hymn – “Have a Little Talk With Jesus”

Benediction – Ally

Postlude – Stan

Good Byes – All

The Jubilee USA Network is asking congregations of all faiths to offer a prayer this weekend for the 265 million people globally who are facing famine due to the coronavirus crisis. The specific hope is that the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank will cancel debt for the 73 poorest countries of the world and move forward more aid for developing countries.

A Prayer in the Christian Tradition by Beatrice Parwatikar

I watched as this pandemic called COVID-19 started to circle the globe causing suffering in its path.I cried my God, my God why have you forsaken us?

Then I see the sheroes and heroes reach out to the sick; the first responders, the nurses and doctors bring their healing presences. They work selflessly giving their all to the sick. We have the essential workers who see that our basic needs are met. They risk leaving their homes to see to our basic needs.
Thank you, Lord. They give us hope. Bless them.

I look to the Creator and I say, “What are we to do, and how can I help?” Then I see the creative ways people are finding to help and all may help as they can; they shop for the vulnerable; check on neighbors; deliver food to those in need; and make masks to protect workers, helpers, neighbors, friends.
Thank you, Lord. They give us hope. Bless them.

We must look to our God of Justice to help those who seek justice for the vulnerable and the Earth our common home. We must continue to commit to the work that will diminish the effects on the poor. We must continue to work to create a world of justice and equality for the poor. We must continue to find ways to care for our common home. We need help so people can understand we live in a global interdependent world. We must remember we are all created in the image of God, children of the Creator.

Thank you, Lord, for those who continue to seek justice for all. May your light continue to shine down on them so they may continue on the path of righteousness. Amen.