This Sunday at Lakeshore

Sunday Worship – November 8

Jim Hopkins

November 7, 2020

An over emphasis on the individual, one of the hallmarks of our society, can be selfish, isolating and destructive. Yet, the work of our Creator to save and to bless often begins at a deeply personal level. Pastor Jim

Welcome – Allison
Prelude –
Lord’s Prayer – Paige
Hymn – “Every Time I Feel The Spirit”
Children’s Time – Sandra and Julian
New Testament Reading – Matthew 7: 7-11
Old Testament Reading – Numbers 6: 22-27
Sermon and Anthem – “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” Jim and LABC Ensemble
Hymn – “Here I Am Lord”
Pastoral Prayer – Carolyn
Invitation to Stewardship – Casey
Doxology –
Farewell – Jim
Hymn – “Clare Benediction”
Benediction – Lola
Postlude –
Good Byes – All

Bible Study begins at 11:45. The Budget Committee meets at 12:40. The Hymn Writing class meets at 2:00.