This Sunday at Lakeshore

Sunday Worship – May 2, 2021 (Fifth Sunday of Easter)

Jim Hopkins

April 30, 2021

The scripture for this Sunday is the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch. They met in the eunuch’s chariot as he was headed home from Jerusalem. They read the Bible together. As often happens when the Bible is read in community the Spirit was present and the participants were changed. Pastor Jim

Opening – Jim

Prelude – Stan

Welcome – Sandra

Call to Worship – Sandra

Lord’s Prayer – Sandra

Opening Hymn – “Marching to Zion”

Passing of the Peace (Breakout Rooms)

Children’s Time – Ally

Anthem – “Truly Free” LABC Ensemble

New Testament Reading – “Acts 8: 26-40 Robert W.

Sermon – “Reading the Bible in Community”

Hymn – “The Lamb of God”

Communion – Jim

Hymn – “I Thank You Jesus”

Pastoral Prayer – Valentine R.

Hunger Walk Invitation –

Doxology –

Farewell – Carolyn

Closing Hymn – “Go In Peace”

Benediction – Carolyn

Postlude – Stan

Good Byes – All

Bible Study follows worship at 11:45. The forum with award winning photojournalist Regina Boone begins at 2:00.