This Sunday at Lakeshore

Sunday Worship – June 28

Jim Hopkins

June 27, 2020

Using Exodus 3:1-12, the story of Moses and the Burning Bush, the theme I want to work with this week is that of sirens. Sirens have a long history. In Greek mythology they were dangerous sea creatures that enticed seafarers onto the rocks with their beautiful song. In the modern world sirens still signal danger (help is needed) but they can also signal that help is on the way. With this meaning in mind, the Burning Bush can be described as a siren. It was a signal that help was needed -the people were enslaved. It was also a signal that help was on the way – God had heard the people’s cry and was getting ready to send Moses, Aaron and Miriam to help. The question I want to raise is to what extent is LABC a siren, a signal that help is needed and a sign that help is on the way?
Pastor Jim

Welcome – Jim
Prelude – “Psalm-Prelude #2” (Herbert Howells) Stan
Lord’s Prayer – Marleigh
Hymn – “We Are Standing on Holy Ground”
Children’s Time – Ally
Hymn – “A Prophet Has a Lonely Task”
Scripture Reading Exodus 3: 1-12
Sermon – Is That A Siren I Hear?
Anthem – “I Will Lift Up My Eyes” (Lakeshore Ensemble)
Concerns and Celebrations – Carolyn
Hymn – “I Must Tell Jesus”
Farewell – Sandra
Benediction – Sandra
Postlude – “Trumpet Voluntary in D” (Henry Purcell) Stan
Good Byes

From Pastor Jim

There are 23 pages in the current edition of the LABC Directory. I would like to assemble a team of 23 trusted people who would commit to taking a page of the directory and calling the households listed at least once every other week on behalf of the church. Please let me, or one of the pastors, know if you are willing to be part of the team.

Bible Study follows worship at 11:45.