This Sunday at Lakeshore

Second Sunday of Advent Worship – December 6

Jim Hopkins

December 5, 2020

“Love is patient.”

Paul the Apostle, I Corinthians 13:4a

Welcome – Jim

Prelude – Stan

Opening Prayer – Sandra

Lord’s Prayer – Sandra

Hymn – “When God Is a Child”

Children’s Time/Advent Candle Lighting (Peace) – Ally/Jazmyne

Anthem – “Our Soul Waiteth for the Lord” LABC Ensemble

Support a Family – Sheila

Old Testament Reading – Job 27: 1-6 LeAnn F.

New Testament Reading – II Peter 3:8-15a

Sermon – “In Praise of Patience” Jim

Hymn – “Come Share the Lord”

Communion Service – Jim

Solo – “I Wonder as I Wander” Jan Scott

Pastoral Prayer – Carolyn

Invitation to Stewardship – Allison

Advent Doxology

Farewell – Carolyn

Hymn – “Open My Eyes”

Advent Benediction – Allison and Carolyn

Postlude – Stan

Good Byes –

Good Things on LABC Zoom Today – There is a Forum preceding worship this morning at 8:45. (There is some good news to share!) The Bible Class follows worship at 11:45 and the Self-Care Workshop with Mariel Paul begins at 3:00