This Sunday at Lakeshore

Sunday Worship — August 23

Jim Hopkins

August 22, 2020

“In a real sense all life is inter-related. All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Welcome – Jim
Prelude – Stan
Lord’s Prayer – Sandra
Today’s Psalm – Sandra
Hymn – “To God Be the Glory”
Children’s Time – Jim
Scripture – Matthew 6: 1-15, Allison
Anthem – “Order My Steps”
Sermon – Walter Rauschenbusch and the Common Journey
Hymn – “In This Very Room”
Pastoral Prayer – Carolyn
Hymn – “Weave”
Farewell – Carolyn
Benediction – Allison
Postlude – Stan
Goodbyes – All

You are warmly invited to join in our Bible Study at 11:45 today and all the studies and gatherings during the week. Visit for a complete listing.

We give thanks for your faithful support in these challanging days.

A Prayer for Today

God of Love,

For teachers and students, firefighters and first responders, the confident and the confused, the under-appreciated and the overwhelmed, we pray. You are the Creator of every last one of us. You not only love us, you want to love us. It is our faith that your love lead us to a better day for your entire created order.