This Sunday at Lakeshore

Sunday Worship – April 19

Jim Hopkins

April 18, 2020

Welcome – Pastor Jim

Prelude – “Trumpet Tune in D Major” (David Roman), Stan Fong

Selection –

The Lord’s Prayer – Pastor Allison

Scripture Reading – John 20: 19-20, Dale Edmondson

Reflection – “What Now? What Next?,” Pastor Jim

Hymn – “Lead Me, Guide Me,” Pastor Carolyn

Children’s Time – Fireman Chad (Gurney)

Selection – “A Heartsong Blessing,” LABC Ensemble

Earth Sunday Prayer/Litany – Pastor Allison

Selection – “Wonderful World,” Mikki Boyd and Stan Fong

Parting Words – Pastor Jim

Benediction – Jesse Lucas, LABC Moderator

Postlude – “The Prayer” (David Foster), Stan Fond

Farewells – Feel free to unmute yourself and turn your video on!

Bible Study with Pastor Carolyn begins at 11:45. Please join in.