Midweek Message

Sunday Update, March 29

Jim Hopkins

March 28, 2020

Order of Worship

Thanksgiving 2018 – An Intergenerational Effort

Welcome – Pastor Jim

The Lord’s Prayer – Pastor Jim

Selection – Julian Nesbitt

Greetings from The Evergreen Baptist Association – Doug Avilesbernal (Regional Minister)

Children’s Time – The Schelin Family

Selection – Pastor Carolyn, “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands'”

Scripture Reading – Sandra Lee, Ruth 1: 14-18

Scripture Reading – Sam Harrison , Joel 2: 28-29

A Word For Today – Pastor Allison, Bryce Dawkins, Kendall Harris

A Prayer For Today – Pastor Allison

Selection – Charlene Wolf, “I’ve Got Peace”

Closing – Pastor Jim


You are most welcome to join today’s Bible Study at 11:45. There are opportunities to gather via Zoom for study, reflection and prayer throughout the week. Next Sunday is Palm Sunday and Communion Sunday. We look forward to honoring the day  with you in creative ways.