Public Witness

Stop Deportations!

Allison Tanner

October 27, 2022

Dear Lakeshore Community,

The Sanctuary Working Group met this month to regroup in the wake of the disappointing news that the CA legislature was unable to pass the VISION Act – which would have ended direct ICE transfers of immigrants to detention centers upon their release from prison or jail. This type of double punishment is unacceptable and we are committed to challenging this practice until it ends. To this end, we will lift up the stories of six immigrants seeking to remain in, or return to, this country in order to stay with, or return to, their communities and families. Each of these immigrants has been unfairly caught up in these ICE transfers and they are in need of community support. Throughout the Sundays of November, you will hear each of their stories, as well as ways you can support their situation.

During the Forum on Sunday, November 6, Sithy Bin will personally join us (via zoom) to share his story and help us understand more fully the challenges he faces in light of his impending deportation. Come support Sithy and others seeking to remain with their families and communities.

While the Sanctuary Working Group laments the failure of the California Senate to pass the VISION Act, we continue to advocate for those seeking healing from these harms and prevent, or undo, deportations of immigrants from their homes, families, and communities.

Pastor Allison