Midweek Message

September 4, 2018

Jim Hopkins

September 4, 2018

Dear LABC,
Some scattered thoughts this first full week of September:
Thank you to all who made Association of Welcoming Affirming Baptists/Pride Sunday so beautiful. As a congregation we have lived the gospel in many wonderful ways. There is strength in this. There is joy in this. There is vulnerability in this.
I look forward to Allison’s sermon on Sunday as she lifts up our 2018-19 theme “Uniting in Love, Building On Our Foundation” (Psalm 89: 14-15 and I Corinthians 13: 4-8a). As I read these texts I am reminded of what The Reverend Ann Jefferson taught us at the church retreat in August – Love “patients (verb)” and love “kinds (verb).”
The headlines in today’s paper tell the tragic story of the person who, in the midst of a mental health crisis, was being transported by ambulance from Pleasanton to John George Hospital in San Leandro. The patient got out of the moving ambulance on the freeway and was hit by oncoming traffic and killed. The report is a heartbreaking reminder of the desperation that surrounds us and of the way we fail those in great pain. Everyday we must recommit ourselves to being mindful and to being people of  loving kindness.

Prayers of the congregation

  • Dale Edmondson as he mourns the death of his sister-in-law, Nancy Wojton
  • Helen Harrison for Robin and family as they deal with the trauma of losing their home in a fire
  • Jo and Dave Robinson as she recuperates from surgery
  • Jewelle and James Gibbs as she recuperates from surgery
  • Our Sunday visitors from Bulgaria, Tsvetan and Nikolai
  • Virginia McClow for Elroy as he recovers from a series of strokes
  • Sheryl and Dave Gattey as she recuperates from eye surgery
  • All who are desperate
  • The firefighters and first responders of California
  • Brian Byamukama for his family in Uganda
  • All who are traveling
  • The people of Nigeria
  • All the families, all the households, of LABC
  • LABC’s local, national and global mission partners
  • Peter Yuichi Clark (ABSW Professor of Pastoral Care) health concerns
  • Joan Patten for Sierra (health)
  • The Meads and Nelson families


Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches Annual Meeting is October 12-14 at Grace Baptist Church San Jose. Our LABC Handbell Ensemble will play in the worship service on Friday evening and on Saturday evening our Young Adults will report on their pilgrimage to Minidoka. Let’s have a great turnout from LABC.