Midweek Message

September 4, 2012

Jim Hopkins

September 4, 2012

Rod Romney, pastor of Lakeshore from 1963-1980, died this summer at his home in Idaho. Rod’s values and perspectives continue to shape the nature of our ministry. Following his death Rod’s widow, Beverly, sent me a box containing all of his Lakeshore sermons, newsletters and bulletins. These treasures are a remarkable gift and a wonderful resource for our church. This Sunday, Homecoming Sunday, I am going to preach a sermon Rod preached on March 20, 1977 titled “The Cost of Living High.”
This sermon, taken from Habbakuk 3: 17-19 and Luke 18:18-30, spoke to me when I read it and I trust it will be meaningful to you as well.
In the sermon Rod makes the enduring point that the eternal life Jesus promises is much more than an endless supply of days. Rod writes, “Here is eternal life. We are not alone in this universe. We are being guided to a higher destiny. We are being carefully led home through the trackless and complex pathways of this life. We are an imperishable and immortal part of the great Creative Force that has constructed this universe in the image of harmony and order.” The promise of eternal life speaks as much to the essence of our existence as it does to the span of our existence.
Elizabeth Harrison, daughter of Marc and Helen Harrison, will be baptized as part of or worship service this Sunday.

Prayers of the Congregation

  • Steve and Katy Reimer for their son Greg – hospitalized in Costa Rica
  • Katrina Lau – recuperating from surgery
  • All who are traveling
  • The CHP officer and assailant involved in shooting on Interstate 680 on Tuesday morning
  • Jeanne Robinson for the continued meaning of the Kairos Ministry at San Quentin this past weekend
  • Brenda McCarthy for her family
  • Dick Ice
  • Jessie Guiton for her family
  • Kay Baxter for Jamie, Stacey, Ed and Abbott
  • Marie Jonson for Donnie – in the midst or U.S. Army Ranger training
  • LeAnn Snow for her father
  • Robert Wilkins as he preaches in several churches during September
  • Sandra Dunn for her father
  • Elizabeth Harrison and her family on the occasion of her baptism – September 9
  • Helen Harrison for Karen and Mike Casey
  • Mary Karne of Ceinwyn (granddaughter) and Millie, Sharon and Jim (cousins)
  • Joan Patten for Paula
  • The people of the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac
  • The people of Syria
  • President Obama and Members of the U.S. Congress
  • The Harvey family
  • My sister Beth – recuperating from surgery
  • Elizabeth Osajindu for her family
  • Sylvia and George Lee for Smith Jang
  • The ministry of Wally Bryen at Stanford Hospital
  • The ministry of Dave Robinson at Correctional Institutions Chaplaincy
  • Thanksgiving with Tuck Chin on his 90th birthday


Please plan on bringing something for the potluck following worship. At the luncheon the Hand-bell Ensemble will play, the Daisy Funderburk Award will be presented, the 2012 Scholarships will be awarded and there will be an update (with drawings) from the Sanctuary Art Committee.