Midweek Message

September 29, 2015

Jim Hopkins

September 29, 2015

Dear LABC,
This coming weekend will provide us with opportunities to honor our connectedness to our fellow citizens of Planet Earth and to the animal companions with whom we share this life.
Sunday, October 4, is World Communion Sunday and World Mission Offering Sunday. We will read Exodus 2:24a, “God heard their groaning.” In my sermon I will argue that our global mission as Baptists is best served when the missionaries we send to represent us understand that they are the ears of the Church, the listening heart of Body of Christ.
Saturday, October 3, is our annual Blessing of the Animals. The liturgy is simple, “Bless you (Animal’s name.) You are part of God’s creation.” Bring you companion, or a picture, and join us on front steps of the Sanctuary at 2:00.
I will need to make a hasty exit after worship on Sunday in order to get on a plane to Washington D. C. for the annual meeting of Board of Directors of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty. Please remember us as we consider our work in support of the essential gift, and complex topic, that is religious liberty.

Prayers of the Congregation

  • Jim Dorr – prayers for his neighbors (Bob and Francis). Both have had bad falls recently.
  • Natalia – (she is a first year student at Mills College). Prayers for her grandmother and the families of the 43 students in Mexico who were abducted a year ago and about whom a thousand or more protesters are demanding an investigation by an independent and international authority.
  • Larry Sims – continued prayers for the Sims family and for Rene Muckeroy
  • Linda Earl asks for prayers for her friend Louise. She is presently homeless and living in her vehicle.
  • Rick McKillop asks for prayers for the health of his sister, Lori. He also asks for prayers for his daughter facing the challenges of growing into an adult.
  • Prayers for Tabitha Wolf and David Johnston and their families as they are married this coming Saturday by their Uncle Chuck Johnston.
  • Kay Baxter asks prayers for Jamie and Stacey
  • Kristen Wilson asks prayers for her family as they travel to Connecticut for her father’s memorial service
  • Karen Hopkins asks prayers for Julian Coffin-Linnear
  • Joan Thatcher asks prayers for her health
  • Charlene Wolf asks prayers for her mom
  • Jan Scott asks prayers for Edie Parrott who is recovering from a fall
  • Garry Fingar asks prayers as he recuperates from surgery
  • Marian Ott asks prayer for the son of her financial advisor
  • Joan Patten asks prayers for Peter and Paula
  • Carol Leichter asks prayers for Steve and for herself
  • Dave Robinson asks prayers for the incarcerated and their families
  • Pastor Allison asks prayers for her sisters Lori (as she grieves) and Jenny (as she prepares to adopt a child)
  • Thanksgiving for the visit of Pope Francis to the United States
  • Thanksgiving that the Oakland City Council has called a special meeting to address the great lack of affordable housing in our city
  • Thanksgiving for the generous spirit of Jesse Lucas, honored on Monday for 25 years of community spirit through Kiwanis International
  • Thanksgiving for all our Sunday school teachers and students
  • Thanksgiving for Oakland Community Organizations on its 38th Anniversary
  • Thanksgiving for the commitment of ABC International Ministries to help end human trafficking


Please let Pastor Jim, Pastor Allison or Mary Alice know if you can provide a ride to Palo Alto for the Evergreen Baptist Association Convention or if you need a ride. October 9, 10 and 11 at the First Baptist Church of Palo Alto. One of America’s great preachers, James Forbes, will be speaking. Come for the entire convention, a day or for one service.